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Welcome to Our Request Section

Here you can let us know which android apps/games you would like us to add/upload.

Our goal is to make our collection/community bigger & better, so every new/old android users can collect what they come here for.

Looking for a favorite app/game?,  follow the steps with required information:

Information We need for a Request :
App/Game Name:
PlayStore Link (if available):

We will try our best to add that app/game to our collection as soon as possible.


  1. Before make a request use the search option from the right menu/above sidebar, and make sure that app/game is not uploaded already.
  2. We will try our best to get that app/game you asked for.
  3. If its not available as a working version, we might just ignore the request, hope you would understand.

Request Rules:  (Must Read)

  1. Dont make more then 1 request at a time, after we complete your 1st request you can request 2nd time.
  2. Dont make too many request at once, or spam this page, we might delete them or ban the user from Disqus comment system.
  3.  Linking to similar android app/games related sites or Promotion is Totally Forbidden/Not Allowed, for this comments will be deleted without any warning.