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How to install APK App/Games  with Cache/Data on Android

Installing applications on android is quite simple, in most cases you dont need to flash or patch your device with anything, To help not only new users but everyone who dont know the process, we present to you the manual “how to install games and apps on Android,” as well as “how to install apps/games with a cache/data on android.”

  • Go to the “Settings” – in the “Personal” section, select “Security” – in the “Device Administration” section, select “Unknown sources”, check the box!

! Note: Android is one for everyone, but for some reason, every manufacturer can change the placement of certain functions in the settings menu, so your task is to find something similar to “Unknown sources” and check the box!

  • There are APK installation files, as well as cache files, these are additional files for some games and apps! I’ll describe how to install all this below, first we’ll figure out how to choose the appropriate files for your device.
  • For some applications in the version blocks, on our website, the following labels are displayed:
  • Adreno, PowerVR, Mali, Tegra, Tegra 2, Tegra 3 and other tegra are types of video accelerators. You need to select files according to the video accelerator of your device (see paragraph 2.1). If there are no tags, then the cache is one for all!

Use the CPU-Z program For Broadcom processors – try the cache from Adreno For Vivante processors – the cache from Mali should be suitable

For this you need to use special applications: AIDA64, DevCheck, CPU-Z.

  • If the files were downloaded to a PC, connect the device using a USB cable, wait until the device is identified as a flash drive (for some, confirmation of the connection on the device may be required). Next, copy the downloaded file to a folder convenient for you.
  • If you downloaded the file directly to the device, then skip the previous paragraph.
  • Next, run the file manager. Standard or recommend installing ” ES Explorer “.
  • We find the downloaded file and click on it, starting the installation, follow the instructions, when done click ready!
  • If the game does not require additional cache files, then in the list of your applications we find the game and start it!
  • If there is a cache for the game or application, then download it to a PC or directly to a smartphone.
  • We select the loaded cache and unpack it using the WinRAR archiver program for PC or ES Explorer on Android, or any other archiver convenient for you.
  • Make sure that the received folder from the archive does not repeat the exact name of the archive, if you suddenly repeat, then you need a folder inside.
  • We place the cache folder along the path indicated on the game page (in the gray block above the links).
  • Next, install apk, as described above.


  • Prior to Android 5.0, all caches are located on the BUILT-IN memory card !!! NOT removable microSD! Starting with Android 5.0 and higher, in the device settings it may be possible to assign an external memory card (microSD) as the main one or combine it, then you can place it on microSD
  • / Android / data / and / gameloft / games / – caches placed on these paths can be downloaded via the application via wi-fi, or mobile Internet. Also, from version to version it is not necessary to download new cache, all the necessary application will be downloaded by itself.
  • / Android / obb / – download caches to this folder only from the site, when updating the version, load the new cache again.